Before I wrote a “Sichuan delicious, just Chengdu said not count! 》

They all said that Leshan was worth writing a special edition.
Sichuan has been rainy recently, so I chose a sunny weekend to go to Leshan. The purpose of this trip is to eat. I planned every meal before I went there for two days and one night. Unfortunately, there was heavy rain the next day, so the whole task was only half-finished. It seems that I have to go several times later!

Leshan Yan


Happy breakfast

/beef bean curd & fat sausage cake /

get up early, get off the train hungry, of course, the first meal to eat tofu brain. Come to the store for a beef egg with bean curd, and then order a large intestine cake, Bashi.

Each owner’s style is different, and bean curd will have different seasonings and ingredients, but the base is mainly “bean curd + thicken”, and some will add vermicelli.
Leshan tofu brain from breakfast China 2

This time, eggs are added on the basis of bean curd. The egg liquid is quickly stirred in the bean curd, showing the appearance of egg floss.


bean curd with eggs

Hot steamed beef, red peanuts, golden crisp, together with cooked oil, pepper, green onion, celery, mustard, mix well, eat a smooth into the stomach, taste thousands of. Celery, pickled mustard, peanuts and crispy are used to make the finishing point and increase the taste. Beef is also very soft. With seasoning, the taste buds are fully opened.


Eat two mouthfuls of bean curd, pad the stomach, and then start on the cake.

The white flour cake is cut from the stomach, and the ingredients are put in. The process is very simple, and the focus is on the ingredients in the stomach of the cake.
Kaka cake from breakfast China 2For convenience, we asked the shop assistant to cut a cake into two pieces. We could see clearly that the steamed sausage, pickled mustard, celery, shredded radish, and green onion were squeezed together, and the aroma was overflowing with one mouthful.

The sausage is very clean, and it’s soft and glutinous. It won’t be hard to chew. The cake is not hard to swallow dead bread, layers of soft, and delicious.

Addictive snacks

/ Garlic Chicken Feet & strange potato/

The dinner is near. I just want to eat casually and pad my stomach. But this garlic chicken feet and strange potato make people can’t stop.



I thought that garlic chicken feet were normal and not spicy, but they served me a red plate, which visually gave me question marks.

The red oil seasoning mixed with chicken feet is slightly spicy but not dry. The fine food can taste a little garlic flavor, but it is not irritating. At the end of eating, there will be a little bit of sweetness. The rich seasoning makes the chicken feet chew with a unique flavor. Eating one also wants to have a second.

Many foreign friends turn pale at the smell of spicy food. However, in addition to the single spicy flavor, Sichuan is more of a compound flavor type, “strange flavor” is a typical representative. A lot of people should have eaten a snack called strange flavor bean, which is a combination of hemp, spicy, sweet, salty, and fresh. It tastes thousands of tastes and has a wonderful taste experience.




I haven’t tasted a strange flavor for a long time. I found the familiar flavor in Leshan when I was a child.

Potatoes are small potatoes that taste like powder. They are not peeled and cooked directly. They are easier to catch the seasoning and taste. Wrapped in thick seasoning, one bite at a time, and chicken feet together, they are very suitable to be served with ice beer.


Out of the circle food

/ Leshan Fried String/

To Leshan, if you don’t eat fried string, it’s as bad as not eating hot pot in Sichuan. But as a Sichuan, I didn’t expect much about fried string before going to Leshan. After all, since childhood barbecue, string incense, cold pot string, pot chicken, all kinds of string eat countless kinds of food, the dishes are nothing but those, cold eat, hot eat, roast eat, guess probably won’t find any new tricks.

Sichuan people eat too much string food

But Chinese people have a saying that “come all come”, so they go back to the hotel and order a takeaway at random, holding hands and waiting for my brother to come to the door, I think: I’d like to see how delicious the fried string string string is! Results after eating, I found that people were popular for a reason. Leshan’s fried string is really different from the string I used to eat.

Although the string is fried in hot oil, the oil is filtered very clean, so it will not feel greasy. The meat is salted in advance before frying, and then evenly sprinkled with pepper, salt, and other dry materials after frying, so it tastes delicious when eating, and the ingredients are wrapped evenly.


sprinkle dry materials after frying

Later, we found that the oil used for frying string is not just ordinary vegetable oil. Each store will add seasoning to make marinated oil according to its own formula. When the kebabs jump into the brine oil, they have spontaneously brought on the flavor of seasoning. After leaving the pot, they maintain the mellow bottom flavor and the taste is particularly fragrant.


seasoning added to brine oil

And the most important thing is that the boss has accurate control over the frying temperature and time. If the time is too long, the ingredients may be zoomed. If the time is too short, it may not be cut off. How to balance the frying time of each kind of food is technology.

Under the package of hot oil, the strings are dehydrated properly and ripen quickly. The full juice of the food itself is tightly locked. In addition, rich seasoning makes the simple food glow with a new taste.

The fat of the pork is fried but crispy, but it is not dry. Lean meat locks the gravy at all, no wood at all, fry away the excess fatness of the five flesh, and retain the essence of the soul. Every mouthful protects you from opening the door to the new world.

Classic representative

/ bowl of beef/

In Chengdu, I had a hot pot style of seesaw beef. The soup was thick and the meat was fresh, which was particularly delicious. When you arrive in Leshan, you must not miss bowls and bowls of cross-legged beef. Each dish is served with fresh soup and various kinds of meat. It is suitable for all ages, especially for those who can’t eat spicy food (it’s really not spicy).

We ordered tender beef, tripe, vegetable dishes, xuewang, and Braised Tofu with the beef spinal cord. Except for bean curd, all the others are small bowls, so there is no burden to eat. Tender beef and tripe, vegetable dishes, are cooked in the cooked beef soup can be directly served.

After absorbing the essence of beef soup, tender beef is served with dried chili and monosodium glutamate to prepare a dry dish, which is spicy and delicious. Afraid of spicy can not dip in the material, the original flavor is also good enough to eat.

You can also drink a small bowl of soup, rich beef soup aroma. The lotus white used in vegetable dishes is very crisp and sweet. One mouthful of meat and one mouthful of vegetables have different tastes and tastes.

In particular, I’d like to give you a special compliment on this blood curd with the beef spinal cord.

It’s a big piece of blood curd. It’s very tender. It doesn’t have any fishy smell with the seasoning. It melts in the mouth.



This is the first time that I tried this method of eating tofu with the beef spinal cord. The white and tender bovine spinal cord is perfectly mixed into the tofu. If you don’t look carefully, it is difficult to distinguish. Compared with the delicate and delicate tofu, the beef spinal cord has a certain toughness, which is not easy to disperse, and the taste is more mellow. The combination of tofu and tofu adds a lot of color to this dish.

Leshan’s sweet

/ brown sugar cold cake & ice powder /


originally the C position of this part should belong to the sweet skin duck, but due to time constraints, I didn’t eat it, but this bowl of frosted brown sugar cold cake also gave me a solid surprise.
Generally, the cold cake is either watered with diluted brown sugar water or thicker red syrup, while the cold cake eaten in Leshan is made of brown sugar. Frosting brown sugar is made by chopping solid brown sugar into pieces and adding an appropriate proportion of water and smashing with a blender.

Like lava, brown sugar is wrapped on the white, tender, and tender cold cake. It tastes like sand. It tastes rich but not too sweet. It is perfect to match with the plump cold cake.

The ice powder sold in the same store is also added with this kind of brown sugar, which is more delicious than adding brown sugar water directly.



I only had four meals, but in these four meals, Leshan food still gave me more than expected surprise, making people willingly fat.
The sweet skinned duck, pot chicken, Shaomai, and an old fat sausage were not eaten. I’m really sorry. I’m going to brush it twice!
All the pictures without source were taken by the author

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