The movie “eight hundred” announced on the official microblog that the film’s cumulative box office reached 2.883 billion yuan nationwide, ranking the world’s box office champion in 2020. This is also the first time that a Chinese film has won the world box office title.


According to box office mojo, “Jedi police: fast track” grossed about $425 million worldwide, while 800’s latest box office figure was about 426 million dollars, surpassing the Jedi police.

It is reported that the key of “800” has been extended and will continue to be released until October 21. The box office of the film should be further increased.

The British distribution right of the domestic anti Japanese war film “eight hundred” was won by Trinity cine Asia. The British version of the film was released in advance. It will be released on September 16, and will have 2D and IMAX versions.

Directed by Guan Hu and starred by Wang Qianyuan, Zhang Yi, Jiang Wu, Huang Zhizhong, Zhang Junyi, Ou Hao, Du Chun, Wei Chen, Zhang Yuhao and Tang Yixin, the film was officially released in the mainland of China on August 21. Of course, while the box office of “800” has increased dramatically, the scores of various film websites still maintain good reputation, which can be said to be a good film with both high praise and box office results.

By EditorC