“We really don’t want to be discrminated against in employment. Those who have tattoos are not necessarily hooligans, they may be Yue Fei, aren’t they?”

Recently, some netizens reflected through a website leader’s message board that he was a taxi driver in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Recently, he received a message that taxi drivers should not have tattoos and asked to remove tattoos.

“It’s really not easy to get rid of tattoos all of a sudden. It takes weeks or months or even longer to clean, not to mention how much money it costs. First of all, it does great damage to our bodies. What’s more, tattoos can’t be removed without trace, or they will leave scars or unclean color patches.”

Example of tattoo (tattoo “Dongshan is rising” again after a man is released from prison)

Netizens said: “I want to put forward my own opinion here, that is, we drivers are not allowed to show tattoos, and people with tattoos need to find ways to cover up. When we apply for the work license, we have issued the certificate of no crime, which can prove that we are good citizens who abide by the law. We are not the bad guys who commit crimes because of tattoos. I know that leaders want to better show the quality of our window industry to the public. The purpose of removing tattoos is not to want passengers to see it. In this case, we do our best Isn’t it the same thing to cover up the tattoo so that passengers can’t see it or expose it? ”

Lanzhou transportation committee later responded that as a public service window industry, large area tattooing of drivers may cause psychological discomfort to women, children and other passengers, and it is not suitable for taxi operation. Therefore, according to the self-discipline requirements of Lanzhou Taxi Industry Association, taxi drivers should not have large-area tattoos on their arms, neck and other exposed parts.

According to Lanzhou Transportation Committee, drivers with tattoos can be removed as far as possible by cleaning tattoos. If it can not be completely removed for the time being, some covering measures should be taken in the process of providing operation services, and large-scale exposure is not allowed, so as to establish a good mental outlook of taxi drivers in the city.

The reporter noted that before Lanzhou, Jilin Changchun Transportation Bureau had carried out the rectification of public transport and taxi industry in the whole city in 2019, which requires that drivers with tattoos should not be exposed.

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