Covid-19 vaccine research and development progress, priority population, pricing & the release date!

The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference this afternoon to introduce the new crown vaccine. Let’s see

R & D Progress

four vaccines have entered clinical phase III in China, and 60000 people have been vaccinated without serious adverse reactions
China’s vaccine research and development work are generally in a leading position, specifically, 13 vaccines have entered clinical trials. Among them, four vaccines have entered the phase III clinical trial. As a whole, it is progressing smoothly. Up to now, about 60000 subjects have been vaccinated with and no serious adverse reactions have been reported. The preliminary results show good safety.
did the virus mutate and have an impact on vaccine development?
At present, there are nearly 150000 genome sequences of NCV in the global database, covering 113 countries in six continents. Through the comparative analysis of more than 80000 high-quality viral genome sequences, the results show that virus mutation is small, which belongs to the normal range of variation accumulation, has no substantial impact on vaccine development.

listing status

when can the new coronal vaccine be launched as soon as possible?
phase III is the most critical clinical trial on the market, and its progress depends on the number of subjects, the speed of enrollment, the acquisition speed of infection cases, and the test results. Once the clinical trial can obtain enough clinical research data to prove that the vaccine has sufficient protective effect, and has an acceptable safety basis and stable commercial scale production quality, the applicant can submit the application for the vaccine on the market. the SFDA will complete the technical evaluation of vaccines as soon as possible in accordance with the law and regulations, and handle special cases in accordance with the law, so as to ensure that the safe, effective and controllable vaccines can be put on the market as soon as possible.

vaccination population

who can give priority to vaccination after the vaccine is launched?
We divided the future population inoculated with new coronavirus into three categories: first, high-risk population; second, high-risk population; third, general population. The so-called high-risk population mainly refers to the front-line medical and epidemic prevention personnel, border and port staff, as well as the staff who have to go to high-risk areas or countries due to work reasons, as well as some staff who need to ensure the basic operation of the city. high-risk groups mainly refer to the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with basic diseases. Once infected with the new crown, the proportion of patients with severe or critical illness is far greater than that of other groups. no matter in which area, as long as the characteristics of such population are met, priority should be given to vaccination.

vaccine capacity

It is estimated that the annual production capacity of vaccines in China will reach 610 million doses by the end of this year
It is expected that the annual production capacity of vaccines in China will reach 610 million doses by the end of this year. Next year, the annual production capacity of China’s new crown vaccine will be effectively expanded on this basis, so as to ensure the demand for China’s new crown vaccine and other countries in the world.

vaccine pricing

how to price the new crown vaccine developed in China?
There are many factors that determine the price of new coronal vaccine. In addition to cost, it also includes production capacity and vaccination scale, and the cost of different technical routes is not the same. For example, the production of inactivated vaccine requires a high-level biosafety workshop. Relatively speaking, its cost will be relatively high, while the cost of adenovirus vector vaccine, influenza virus attenuated vector vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine and recombinant protein vaccine is relatively low. with the expansion of production capacity and the expansion of vaccination scale, the cost will also change, but in any case, the price of the new crown vaccine must be within the acceptable range of the public.When we provide vaccines to the world, we will certainly give a fair and reasonable price. Moreover, for the underdeveloped countries or some developing countries, we can also use aid to make the new vaccines accessible and affordable in these countries.

International Cooperation

The Chinese government has been actively supporting Chinese enterprises to carry out vaccine research and development cooperation with other countries. China has joined the initiative novel coronavirus pneumonia launched by the World Health Organization to accelerate the development and production of global cooperation and to acquire a new equitable access to new crown pneumonia. Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine implementation plan has also been joined by the WHO and the global alliance for vaccines and immunization. It is hoped that by joining the implementation plan, we can promote the equitable distribution of global vaccines and ensure that vaccines are available to develop countries. In addition, we also want to encourage other countries with the ability to join the implementation plan through China’s accession.


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