Nanshan Zhong: Second wave won’t happen in China

China Academy of China novel coronavirus pneumonia 30, according to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said is not aware of the outbreak of the second wave of new crown pneumonia in China, according to the intensity of the current epidemic prevention system and measures in China. At the same time, he said that the prevention and control measures for the new crown are also effective for influenza. In autumn and winter, we should enhance the ability to distinguish influenza from the new crown, and do a good job in daily protection.

Zhong Nanshan made the above judgment by video link at a medical and health summit held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Zhong Nanshan said:
The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in second countries has actually started from a global perspective, and some countries have again forced the closure of

. As the weather gets colder, most countries in the northern hemisphere, except for South Africa, Australia, and other countries in the southern hemisphere, will see an increase in the epidemic situation. However, the possibility of a second outbreak in China is very low.”because we have a complete group prevention and control mechanism”, he said, but the society still needs to be vigilant, because there have been eight sporadic outbreaks recently, and the interval between each two is smaller. But in my opinion, according to the current epidemic prevention system and intensity in China, I don’t think the second wave of the epidemic will break out in China.

With the coming of autumn and winter, many people are worried about whether the new epidemic and influenza will overlap. In response, Zhong Nanshan said that this year’s epidemic has found some cases of CO infection of the new coronavirus with influenza. However, maintaining social distance and wearing masks are the most effective ways to prevent the new coronavirus, which is also effective in the prevention and control of influenza. In fact, after the outbreak of the new epidemic, China’s vigilance and preventive measures against influenza have also been greatly improved. The focus now is on how to identify influenza and new coronas in order to enhance the targeted treatment. At present, China’s measures in this regard have been significantly strengthened.



Zhong Nanshan: in response to the epidemic situation, global cooperation has become a consensus at the third top scientist’s forum, Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, expressed through the “online” video that global cooperation in response to the epidemic situation has been the consensus of the scientific community, which is not an empty word It must be carried out effectively.


Zhong Nanshan revealed that since March, he has been working closely with Harvard and has a lot of common views on academic issues. There is common cooperation in early diagnosis, vaccine research and development, and cooperation from all walks of life is more needed. This is not empty talk and needs to be implemented effectively.

Why do you want to be an idol? This sentence of Zhong Nanshan is admirable;

As for the development of science, he said, many young people around the world take today’s scientists as their idols, so don’t blindly follow the idols. I am glad to see that there are many young scholars among the participants, and there are also many young scholars in epidemic prevention and control, which will make the future better.

He said that the ultimate goal of any country’s scientific undertakings, especially basic scientific research, is not to cultivate Nobel prizes and other awards, “it is a reflection of national development achievements and long-term development of science and technology innovation environment.”  Zhong Nanshan mentioned that there are countless young people in the world who will regard the scientists attending the meeting as idols, “but we can’t be satisfied with this. The purpose of becoming an idol is to better eliminate the blind obedience of young people to idols, learn their views on problems through idols, and ask more about why.”   Zhong Nanshan delivered a video speech. He believes that the winners of the top awards should really become the service providers of human society and let science serve the public. Novel coronavirus pneumonia

finally said he believed that the global prevention and control situation of the new crown pneumonia will be better and better, and the world will be brighter.

source: China Youth Daily

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