in this process, Yao Kefeng received the benefit fee through the “middleman”, and the amount involved was as high as 10 million yuan. the handling of motor vehicle violations is a closed-loop operation, which not only has the constraints of rules and regulations but also leaves traces in the whole process from issuing penalty tickets, inquiring records to paying fines. So, how did these people escape the supervision and how did the black business of illegal sales of points come into being? as the technical backbone of the municipal traffic police detachment, Yao Kefeng used technical means to hide traces of violations of discipline and law.

“He participated in the construction of the public security traffic safety comprehensive service management platform and was familiar with the authority and operation process of the platform. At the same time, as the highest authority of the system in Changsha City, he knows and can change the login password of window staff at all levels Li Feng, director of the second discipline inspection and Supervision Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Yuelu District, uncovered the “secret” of Yao Kefeng’s long-term illegal operation and escape from supervision. according to the introduction, Yao Kefeng privately copied the individual staff responsible for the punishment business to log in to the Youdun system.

By adding a space bar after the account name, he created a new name of the clerk for sales operation. If you search for this clerk in the system, you can’t see the electronic violation record changed by Yao Kefeng. in addition to technical reasons, Yao Kefeng can make use of the system loopholes for a long time to cooperate with “middlemen” to conduct improper transactions, which is related to the absence of daily supervision of his unit.

Li Feng told reporters that the public security traffic safety comprehensive service management platform has given the personnel with the first authority excessive power, but failed to strengthen the supervision on them in time. Taking Yao Kefeng as an example, in addition to the annual routine inspection of the Provincial Department of transportation, another internal supervision is weak, and the daily anti-corruption education, risk investigation, and control are not really implemented. “after finding out Yao Kefeng’s violation of discipline and law, we urge the municipal traffic police detachment to carry out an investigation, improve the system supervision mechanism, and improve the supervision in the field of traffic management.”

Zhu Zhijun, deputy head of the discipline inspection and supervision group of Changsha Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said. The traffic police detachment of Changsha City has strengthened the account management of the staff, stipulated that the staff with the same authority should master part of the login password, and constantly optimized the service platform. If the platform finds that the working account has abnormal login time and place or repeated records, it will automatically alarm. The reporters found that the problem of public officials participating in illegal driving license cancellation is typical. Since January 2020, Liu Mou, a staff member of Xinzheng Public Security Bureau of Henan Province, has been working in the vehicle management squadron of traffic police brigade of Public Security Bureau on secondment.

Taking advantage of his position in charge of vehicle management business hall service window for vehicle business and driving license business, he has repeatedly accepted bribes totaling 3450 yuan and dealt with the deduction business of driving license a and B illegally. At present, Liu has been removed from office by Xinzheng Municipal Supervision Committee. “such problems exist for a long time. First, there are loopholes in the system setting; second, internal risk prevention and control is a mere formality, and the main responsibility and supervision responsibility are missing Said Hua Jun, head of the discipline inspection and supervision group of Fuyang District Discipline Inspection Commission in Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Xu Weiqiang, head of the discipline inspection and supervision group of Tonglu County Discipline Inspection Commission in Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province, believes that tightening the system cage is the key to prevent traffic violations: “it is necessary to improve the internal audit, approval and circulation procedures for handling traffic violations, so as to realize the mutual restriction and supervision between the front desk window acceptance and the background data audit, and at the same time set up Data inspection and telephone return visit to the post so that the risk of hidden danger can be found in time and handled quickly. ”


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