Zhang Wenhong: beware colleagues last year, beware ourselves this year

On the 8th, Zhang Wenhong visited the Shanghai TV station.

“Guard against colleagues” last year and “guard against yourself” this year.

Zhang Wenhong said that last Spring Festival when the epidemic began to spread, the detection ability was not as strong as it is now. Hence, he asked everyone to wear masks in the working environment after returning to work. Otherwise, it is easy to spread in close contact at work. At that time, he put forward the suggestion of “fire prevention, theft prevention, and colleague prevention.” In fact, it means “colleague prevention.” In fact, real prevention is not enough. It’s the density of the crowd.

This year’s epidemic prevention is “self prevention.” In the past, when the risk was relatively high, we had to prevent fire, theft, and “colleagues.” Viruses were everywhere in the environment. But this year, in most cases, the environment is safe, and we can carry out some activities. However, once there are some individual cases, a Mars may turn into a big fire.

Zhang Wenhong said that there had been an epidemic in the whole society. If we relax a little, the flame will spread from “Mars” to “spread.” At present, the most important point of epidemic prevention is to “find” and prevent it from the stage of “Mars” instead of developing it into a fire.

Spend more time with your family than with others

Zhang Wenhong said that this year is different from last year. Last Spring Festival, it is suggested that people should not go out. This year, it is different
You can go to the mall, but you need to wear masks; you can go out to eat, but the number of people should not be too many; because you can’t wear masks when you eat, so the risk increases significantly; you can go out for a walk, and remember to wash your hands when you come back; I hope you can have a peaceful Spring Festival, not a crazy one; be quiet and happy, and spend more time with your family, not more time Accompany others.

“During the Spring Festival with my colleagues, I hang my white coat beside the dinner table.”

Zhang Wenhong will spend the Spring Festival with his colleagues this year. “For medical staff, basically, the more we rest, the more nervous we are, because the rest time node, epidemic prevention is easy to relax, the aggregation will increase, and the risk is relatively large.” Zhang Wenhong said that medical workers should respond to the emergency as soon as possible during the Spring Festival. First, they should be quick, and second, they should be well-coordinated to ensure that the Spring Festival of the ordinary people is well spent.

This year, doctors from other places choose to stay in the local area for the new year, “we will have a reunion dinner with our colleagues here on New Year’s Eve, that is, in the conference room of the ward. The festival must be celebrated, but epidemic prevention is not lax, which is our characteristic.”

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