The epidemic will begin to decline! Zhong Nanshan gave a clear time, the latest research points out two key points

After winter, the new coronavirus also began to rebound in China. With the Spring Festival’s coming, the most important traditional festival in China, a large number of migrant workers return home from the city. During the Spring Festival, the surge of rural traffic flow and the gathering of relatives and friends will greatly increase villages’ epidemic prevention pressure.

No need to wear a mask after vaccination?

At present, the vaccination program is in an orderly way. But there are still many questions about vaccination. For example, some people ask if they don’t need to wear a mask after being vaccinated. In response, Zhong Nanshan said the answer was no, according to the China News Agency. Although the Chinese vaccine is a whole virus inactivated vaccine, its safety is excellent, and it can form antibodies in a short time after injection. However, there is still a risk of infection between vaccination and antibody production, so personal protection must be paid attention to.


the outbreak of epidemic situation is more serious in rural areas

Especially during the Spring Festival, the risk of rural cluster infection caused by migrant workers returning home increased sharply. From the recent situation, 60% to 70% of the epidemic occurred in rural areas. Many rural grass-roots people believe that if infected with New Coronavirus, there will be severe symptoms, and therefore have to be hospitalized. Therefore, when they have headaches, fever, and other simple symptoms, they don’t pay close attention. They all think it’s common flu. Just take some medicine.

But in fact, the new coronavirus symptoms are mild, and even many patients are asymptomatic. But the new coronavirus is highly infectious. If you don’t check it just because you think it’s OK, it’s easy to spread on a large scale. Zhong Nanshan reminded that village doctors should be alert to the epidemic prevention work in rural areas. Once patients have headaches, sore throats, fever, or very tired symptoms, village doctors must ask patients to do nucleic acid testing.

Besides, Zhong Nanshan’s latest research points out two key points. On the one hand, it is necessary to track the mutated virus. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider what kind of virus strain is used to make a vaccine after the virus mutates.

the epidemic may slow down after March

After summarizing several prevention and control points, Zhong Nanshan gave a precise time for the epidemic. He believes that vaccines in many countries have entered the marketing stage and are put into use, and more vaccines are about to complete clinical trials. With the popularization of vaccines, more and more people will be vaccinated.

Because the vaccine has an antibody production process, it takes about 30 to 35 days to produce an obvious protective effect. In other words, the first vaccinated people will produce antibodies in March at the latest. Coupled with active prevention and control measures, the epidemic situation will begin to decline, and we can see the trend of the global epidemic situation after March.

I have to say that this is great news for everyone. We are all depressed in 2020. I hope that in March 2021, we will have a sunny spring together.

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